S&R Enterprises offers rental packages on all crushing, screening and earthmoving equipment.

S&R Enterprises is partnered up with a financial institute which offers rental packages on all crushing and screening equipment whether it is mobile or static equipment as well as yellow metal earthmoving equipment.


All rentals can be done without deposit and with an escalation option with a maximum period of 60 months.

The pros of going with rental
• Rentals are fully tax deductible minimizing your income tax obligation
• As rentals are tax deductible, they are off balance sheet and no capex approval is required
• Rentals will not affect existing credit lines/ facilities
• No deposit is required
• Escalation can be added up to 15% if it is required
• Vat is not capitalized up front but rather paid monthly with each rental


If the customer decides at the end of the rental period that he wants to keep the equipment rented, the customer can purchase the piece of equipment for 1% of the original purchase amount.


To calculate your monthly instalment see document attached. First you need to see in which column the amount of equipment you want to rent falls under, from there you choose the number of months the rental must run with the yearly escalation. You then take the value of the piece of equipment you want to rent times by the factor allocated to you and that will be the estimated monthly rental you will be paying.

Terms and Conditions apply